In just over 5 years, Techrrific has grown into a Canadian leader in telecommunications solutions. By offering our clients a complete suite of innovative telecommunication services ranging from long-distance services , VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), videoconferencing, text messaging, and PBX solutions, Techrrific has become a valued partner to a wide range of Canadian and international clients. 

As experts in VoIP, we offer a high quality, reliable phone service for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service. We use our own coast-to-coast digital network with extensive coverage throughout Canada and the United States.

Techrrific is committed to value, quality, reliability and unmatched customer care. From the start, investing in Customer Care services was Techrrific’s priority. While other phone companies are cutting back on their Customer Care departments, Techrrific has expanded our team and invested in technologies to constantly improve the level of service provided to our customers. 

Techrrific is one of Canada’s leading telecommunication innovators. We’re constantly introducing exciting new telecommunication technologies and applications that appeal to avid mobile and Internet users looking to avoid the costs for outgoing calls and long distance charged by many mobile and home phone providers.