Home phone services

Techrrific allows you to setup your home phone service program with ease. You will access wholesale DIDs from all US and Canadian cities, as well as cities around the world. 

Using your master portal, you can setup your own plans, included free minutes, monthly minutes, prepaid LD and more. Our auto-provisioning systems makes the account include creation extremely straight forward.

We also call management features, enhanced voice mail and 911 ser vice.

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Business Phone Services

With Techrrific you can setup a virtual phone system to any size organization, from 3 to 300 employees. We provide local DIDs and toll free numbers. You can setupĀ  auto-attendant features and multiple extensions, each with its own call management features.

Users can easily manage their phone service online. They can setup their own call management features for different times and caller groups, manage navigation rules, manage greetings, check voice mail, review call records and much more.

Techrrific also offers virtual fax and conferencing services that you can offer to your customers.
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Cloud-based Phone Systems

As a small business, you can setup your phone system with just a few clicks. You can pick and choose your own toll free and local numbers, setup professional greetings and unlimited extensions.
You can create rules on how to handle phone calls at diff erent schedules and caller gr oups.

At the same time, you can take advantage of enhanced voice mail where you can read your voice mail or play it from your computer. You can easily add conferencing numbers and even virtual fax numbers.

Enhanced Toll Free Numbers

Give your customers a national number they can easily remember. We provide you with an enhanced toll that allows you to search for your vanity toll free number that would spell your brand or service.

Calling Cards

Calling cards was one of the first solutions developed in our platform. With Techrrific you can launch your calling card products to your markets with easy.

We provide a large number of tools to help you design your programs. The rate manager allows you to setup your batches and apply your markup formulas. The pin generation tool allows you to add, activate and download large numbers of pins fr om specific products.

At the same time, you can run daily up the last minute reports on profits, sales and activations.
You can also run reports on products and destinations. You can view traffic performance and drill down on profitability of different products for specific markets.

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Pinless international calling

Techrrific has made a significant investment in the prepaid rechargeable LD industry. Techrrific has been adding year after year new features in the call processing, account management and marketing tools.

Using our platform, you can launch successful prepaid pin-less programs to your market with ease. For example, you can introduce recharge vouchers with $1 free trial credit. When the user calls the access number for the first time, the system opens a new account instantly with $1 credit. If the voucher has a $10 value, the new alance would be $11.

You can also setup promotions with bonus. You can setup a minimum recharge value and the bonus amount as a fixed value or a percentage. You can run these programs temporarily on special dates.

Our point of sale systems can be set thru IVR (access numbers) or web. The POS can be used by distributors to activate and recharge agents, and agents can ac tivate and recharge users.

Similarly, you can setup one touch speed dial access numbers, private greetings on access numbers, as well as SMS notifications on activations and recharges.

When you become a platform client, you will receive a full-fledged private online portal with payment gateways and ecommerce. Your agents and users can browse and purchase multiple services in an instant. We will setup a payment gateway so your stores and users can by with credit and debit. When users by with credit card online or by IVR, your complete distribution chain receives the established credit card commission.

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